Akrati is a SEO service company which provides to its clients with ecommerce development, website marketing and web design services. Working at the cutting edge or technology, our set of skills also includes services like content management systems and web development and design builds. Akrati works along with each of its clients so they can understand all the needs of their business along with solutions. The company believes in working with global customers. We believe in best policy so this is one of the reasons why we recommend services that can be trusted by us, whether with e-commerce shopping system, web development, design or search engine marketing system.


Each and every member of Akrati design team is always committed to this particular policy so they can in fact deliver quality at an affordable rate.



Akrati embraces high standards for a number of technical architecture. The interoperability framework, are designed to set out specifications and policies that help in achieving seamless flow of information, that fits well in case you want to enable running business making use of technology.

Key Elements


  • Best alignment with the world of internet
  • Usage of XML as main standard
  • Usage of web browser as main interface
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability
  • Protection of data


We help a number of businesses to feel the total amount of potential that is available by implementation and integration of browser enabled business solutions along with website designing, content manage system and web development.



Akrati provides their customer with complete service search engine optimization, web promotion, and web site marketing in multiple levels starting from PPC campaigns to news releases and online press. The SEO services are designed such that they can help in increasing the ROI so you can gain maximum web presence as you might be at the right place at perfect time.


Akrati analyzes the position of your website and also competitors so they can provide a boost to your services or business and organization. We are capable of providing a number of SEO services that can help in increasing the traffic to your website for targeting better and effective sales. Our SEO services always ensure to work on a number of levels and in some cases might also ask for re-development or redesign. The main strategy and planning of manoeuvring any business website by making use of search engines and by implementing some of the best strategies includes back linking campaign from man content sites that can improve your organic ranking.

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