Web 2.0 Web Development

The static form of web has changed to customized form over past few years and the age of web 2.0 has managed to announce the arrival of new web applications, web portals and RIA which can facilitate sharing of information, collaboration, interoperability and task oriented which is user centered format.


Web 2.0 web development is performed using browser technologies and client side just like Adobe Flash, AJAX, jQuery and Moo Tools. For a much improved interactions, increased speed and usability TopSeo makes use of asynchronous transfer of data between client and server. Our expert web 2.0 developers work for making our applications with web functionality easy and rich to perform working making use of techniques like JSON, XML and AJAX.


Web 2.0 web development experts at TopSeo are very much efficient to help you with all the development in Adobe Flash and AJAX frame works/ AJavascript. Built making use of simple DOM, Javascript and AJAX technologies, these frameworks are designed to eliminate all the inconsistencies present between various web browsers. Our expert team is very much capable and efficient of creating widgets, blogs, social networking websites, intranets and wikis making use of web 2,0 web development technologies along with matching server implementations using advanced techniques like Ruby on Rails, PHP, ASP and Python.

Why use web 2.0 web development?


Internet is one place where most businesses flourish. One of the aims of most websites is to try and increase the number of users so they can receive more traffic for their present business or services. So in order to drag more and more number of users to the portal it certainly does need a zinc of excellence and creativity along with better and improved interaction. Web 2.0 has a number of latest features and functions that make your website more appealing to the users. Our clients can easily have videos, along with blogs and other applications which tend to increase the interaction amongst various website users.


TopSeo along with state-of-art infrastructure and professional designers and developers enable websites to make use of web 2.0 web development technology so websites can appear more appealing. We help in increasing the chances of procuring better business deals from all your customers. This is one technology that our experts make use of that improves web hosting and promotional process so your website is always placed on the top ranking of the list. With all your information and data safe and secure, you can just relax and enjoy.


We Provide Solutions For Everyone

  • We provide with new interface for user so they can think different for their clients starting from design to layout and sales.
  • We perform the test on behalf of our clients thus helping in building community.
  • We provide our clients with high improved traffic so they have good returns on all their investments.
  • Our system supports rapid releases of software cycles.
  • Our web developers are efficient to add data.
  • Most of our users are efficient to promote their services efficiently.
  • Security and core competencies are our prime concern.

Our Services

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