Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance


TopSeo has been involved in the field of static and customized web site maintenance and development for past few years. We have a team of working professionals and application developers who have provided wit ha number of quality application solutions for various clients around the world. Our team of experts has an exhaustive experience understanding the logic of your complex business and at the same time to translate it into state of art software solutions.

Our web maintenance services include:


  • Reengineering web application – our team of experts provide with a reverse engineering help to help understand the functionality and architecture of the present system. This is one way that helps us to rectify and modify the current application and so we can make use of enhanced business logic for a much better and leverage performance.
  • Development of Web Application – our experts and professionals study and try to analyze the customer’s business model so they can effectively understand all the exact requirements of the customers. This is one feature that helps in providing clients with a specialized web maintenance and development services. our par excellence and methodology with project ensures that we identify the logic of complex business and at the same time to deliver a quality and affordable web application and maintenance services to the clients.
  • Testing of Application – Our Quality Assurance team are very much efficient to carry out a number of tests of all the web applications before they hand it over to the clients, which include:-


  1. Testing Usability
  2. Performance based testing
  3. Application and functionality testing
  4. Stability and Security testing
  5. Compatibility testing of application with respect to the browser and OS.


Maintenance of Application – our maintenance services are focused to ensure consistent and stable function of all your esteemed business. This includes analysis of problems and rectifying them as early as possible.


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Technical expertise


  • Web Development PHP – we have a quality customized application making use of PostgreSQL/MySQL/PHP. Our expert and dedicated team of professionals are ready to provide scalable solutions that are reliable.
  • Web application development (ASP.Net) – our expert .Net development team are efficient to customize web applications on Microsoft platform offering better speed integration and reusability of the codes.
  • Web development (Ruby On Rails) – this is an open source system and at TopSeo we have professionals to develop this application is a speedy format.


Along with these developments, TopSeo is also capable of working on a number of other platforms and servers including Microsoft, IBM, Apache, Oracle along with a number of databases like MS access, SQL and MySQL.

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